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All our products are made with utmost care and we would love them to remain as shiny as new when used by you. Caring for jewelry products is pretty easy, just take note of following things.

Please take care to do the follwing things in order for your jewelry to shine like new:

  • Jewelry must be worn as a final touch. After you have dressed and applied make-up
  • Use plain water and a lint free cloth to clean jewelry
  • Remove jewelry before going to bed as it delicate components may get crushed and damaged
  • Jewelry tends to tarnish over a period of time, please use a ziplock pouch / airtight box to keep it safe from moisture when not in use.

Remmember to not do following things:

  • Do not wear jewelry when working out / swimming. Heavy sweat and clorine may damage and tarnish the shine of jewelry.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents to clean jewelry, only plain water and lint free cloth.